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Speak French from the first lesson

The only thing this nice and peaceful photo doesn’t tell is that you’ll learn French mostly through oral practice, using an efficient technique called “Reformulation”, that we have been practicing and improving for decades. So, you will speak at once from the first lesson…

We don’t expect you to speak fluently and about all topics at once, of course, but it’ll come little by little through regular practice. Grammar and verbs are learnt in real speaking conditions. Of course, we can teach you written French as well.

Tailored French lessons

We offer a step-by-step immersion into the French language and culture, according to your level, needs and objectives, whether you are an individual or a group.

All professionals are welcome, including seafarers…
Pascal is not sea-sick and can teach onboard!

You won’t have to worry about books or any practical issue: we shall provide you with our own method based on learners’ experience and real needs, as well as the necessary books.

Wherever you live in or near Cannes, Mandelieu, Mougins, Grasse, Antibes, Golfe Juan, Juan-les-Pins, Sophia-Antipolis, Biot, Nice, Saint Laurent du Var, Vence, Villefranche, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu, Eze, Cap d’Ail, Monaco, Roquebrune Cap Martin or Menton – we’ll come to your place.

Conversation_à_Nice _de_Jaume_Plensa_2006

Visit the French Riviera

Did you know the French Riviera comes first after Paris?

The French Riviera – the Côte d’Azur – comes first after Paris region as for Museums, particularly art museums. The most visited are the Matisse museum in Nice, the Picasso Museum in Antibes and the Maeght Foundation in Saint Paul de Vence, but there are many others as interesting –such as the Chagall Museum in Nice or Fernand Léger in Biot to be discovered as well. Pascal also knows contemporary artists and can organize visits of “Ecole de Nice” artists or their followers.

 Provence also is characterized by typical Mediterranean fragrances and you can visit the International Perfume Museum in Grasse. You can also go shopping to the world capital city of perfumes which offers a full range of beauty products; you can even make in Grasse your own perfume!

Top photo: a charming view of the old Nice –le vieux Nice.
Bottom photo: “Conversation à Nice” by Jaume Plensa.

Living in France

Did you know?...

  • ...you can’t terminate an insurance contract - and some others - by just ceasing to pay your subscription?

    You have to indicate it by registered post three months before the termination date. The good point is that you keep being insured even if you haven’t paid your subscription on time!

  • ...an “Assurance vie” is not a Life insurance?

    An “Assurance-vie” is a saving scheme; a Life insurance is called “Assurance-décès”.

  • ...health care is no longer free?

    Everyone now needs to subscribe an extra and private health insurance usually called “Mutuelle” on top of his/her state social security insurance (“la Sécurité sociale”, often called “la sécu”).

  • ...the beret is hardly worn?

    The beret is an image of the past! Sorry to kill such a traditional and picturesque feature! On the other hand, we DO keep on eating baguette and particularly love it when crispy and tasty… but you can now find all kind of breads in French boulangeries.

  • ...Pascale is a female name?

    “Pascal” is a male’s name, the end of which is pronounced like in “Morale ” in English. In French, you sometimes add an extra E to turn a male’s noun into a female one, particularly with people… but not always! Also, there isn’t any kind of logic that could help determine why a noun is masculine (m) or feminine (f), particularly with objects: Sun is male in French and female in German! Better learn at once each noun with a Determinant before: LE train (m), LA gare (f), UN aéroport (m), MON avion (m), UNE assurance (f), CETTE boulangerie (f)...

  • ...the French Riviera was a poor but urban area?

    Set up by the Greeks, the Turks, the Phoenicians (nowadays the Lebanese) and of course the Romans thousands of years ago, this area has always been a cross road. But farming was not rewarding, with a lot of toil for little profit, apart from perhaps olive oil producers. A nap was unavoidable because of intense heat at midday; on the other hand, farmers would work equally all through the year because of mild winters (while Northern hemisphere farmers stopped working during the same period). Also because of it being so old, most property has been small and scattered. Farmers therefore used to live in villages and had an urban life – going to work to a different plot of land every day, which explains those little “cabanons” spread in the country and so important in Provençal culture and landscape...

Experienced professional

Pascal set up his language school in 1997.

Moreover, Pascal has a rich job experience that -apart from teaching- includes catering and hospitality as well as art. His is graduated from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris as well as from Nice University. His highest degree is an English Master but he has a background in economics, business and law.

Pascal has also taught English to computer science students at Nice technical University (IUT) and is currently a contract French teacher for a
prominent business school, EDHEC – Nice. Pascal is also currently teaching in a Cinema school in Nice thanks to earlier drama and art studies.

Pascal is also involved in the local association network: he is the treasurer of a French business club, “Dirigeants commerciaux de France”, and a member of Riviera Business Club, but is also an active committee member of a charity, the British association in Nice that looks after people in need.

  • Pascal also organizes English training for your French partners or staff. We also offer translation services.

    TEISSEIRE FORMATION is registered by the French Ministry of Labour and therefore entitled to organise language trainings financed by special professional education funds called OPCAs. Whatever your company’s status is –SA, SARL, EURL etc., your professional training courses can be partly or fully financed. Ask your accountant or your Human resources dpt. It’s worth being trained for free!!!

    TEISSEIRE FORMATION is also fully involved in the social and professional networks in the region and can advise you on how to join interesting associations and help you join them.

Dream family vacation to Cap d'Antibes for a month. Decided to take opportunity to enmesh ourselves in local culture by taking French lessons for parents and daughter, 14 years old, and son 2 years younger. We searched for a teacher and were lucky to find Pascal Teisseire. Four mornings a week without fail Pascal took on the burden of teaching Americans the soft inflection of a beautiful romantic language, not to mention a sleepy young boy engaging puberty.

Pascal's patience and passion for his craft made for delightful experiences in a beautiful part of the world. A special part of our holiday occurred when Pascal led us inland to experience the delights of the French countryside. Quite memorable. In our everyday lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sometimes we reflect on our French holiday and without exception Pascal stories are an integral part of those musings....thanks Pascal from the Katawczik's

Kat Marryshow Katawczik

It’s our pleasure to recommend Mr. Teisseire as our French language tutor. We have taken classes for almost 6 months during which Mr. Teisseire has brought our speaking abilities from none to intermediate. We consider Pascal to be a very competent specialist in such fields as French language teaching methodology. He has excellent verbal communication skills, is punctual, polite and a very educated person.

Mr. Teisseire has assisted us with formalities with setting up our home in Grasse and has been of great help. We highly recommend Mr. Teisseire as a French teacher and looking forward to continue learning with him when we return back to France next winter.

Mr. Zeljko Mikulicic | Miss. Anna Shakirova

Yacht Captain, Montenegro / Stewardess, Ukraine
From TripAdvisor: Re: Learn French in Antibes (Mar 01, 2014, 7:21 PM) Hello, I have just seen your post. I am familiar with Antibes over many years. I am a US citizen who has a house in Poole UK so I know Bournemouth as well. I spend the winters in Antibes and hired a private tutor who came to my apartment for lessons. He is excellent and reasonably priced. If you wish to receive a very in depth knowledge one on one, I recommend Pascal Teisseire, his web site antibes.co.uk/french.teacher/learn.french.php. You can interview him either over the phone or in person. This is a suggestion you might find helpful.

John F.

Indio - California - USA


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Contact Pascal

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